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Branded Folders

Choose how you want your product to look. All pricing is based on full colour printing.

Folders are only printed on the front side, so please ensure that any artwork files you upload are A4 in size (210mm x 297mm)

Spine Capacity
No. of Pockets
Paper Weight

TIPS for uploading your artwork

  • Whenever possible, use PDF format for your artwork.
  • Make sure your artwork is precisely the size that was ordered.
  • If your design extends to the edge of the chosen size, include bleed* to ensure a clean finish.
  • For multi-page or double-sided projects, send a single PDF upload with all pages in order.

*Bleed refers to extending your artwork beyond the edges of the final cut size, which results in a neat and professional finish.



Price per folder

10 £67.20 £6.72
25 £115.20 £4.61
50 £147.84 £2.96
100 £197.76 £1.98

All prices include VAT