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Letter Headed Paper

Specify your print requirements below. All letterheads are printed A4 (210mm x 297mm) on full colour presses.

Paper Weight

TIPS for uploading your artwork

  • Whenever possible, use PDF format for your artwork.
  • Make sure your artwork is precisely the size that was ordered.
  • If your design extends to the edge of the chosen size, include bleed* to ensure a clean finish.
  • For multi-page or double-sided projects, send a single PDF upload with all pages in order.

*Bleed refers to extending your artwork beyond the edges of the final cut size, which results in a neat and professional finish.



Price per sheet

100 £59.99 £0.60
250 £99.99 £0.40
500 £149.99 £0.30
1000 £199.99 £0.20

All prices include VAT